Friday, March 19, 2010

LinkedIn HUST Group

The Humanistic Studies Department invites current students and alumnae to join our new online alumni group on LinkedIn. LinkedIn is an online social network that connects people through easy-to-use, professional profile pages. In other words, it's a digital resume network. As such, it's perfectly suited to further developing the strong ties that already bind HUST graduates to one another, both past and present. Humanistic Studies has graduated an impressive group of women in its nearly sixty-year history. We are excited to continue to forge relationships among students, faculty, and alumnae in the digital domain.

How does it work?
Each person fills out her own work history, interests, and information; all of this is then "connected" to the profiles and resumes of fellow LinkedIn users. You decide who you connect with and what information is visible. In addition to work history, individuals can post personal webpages, brief bios, blogs, and other digital media related to their fields of work, experiences, and professional interests.

Why join?
With the current economic climate and the rise of the digital age, forging online networks has become more than simply a social pastime (on Facebook, MySpace, etc.). And, if who you know is sometimes as important as what you know, professional websites like LinkedIn offer unique opportunities to network online. Current students might use our HUST network to learn what careers our alums have pursued; past graduates might reconnect with old classmates; "connected" members might share job opportunities or advice. Whether you're just venturing onto the job market for the first time or reflecting on the many opportunities that have already come your way, your participation in our Student and Alumni Group will serve and strengthen the growing community of Humanistic Studies members.

Of course, our network also has the potential for social or even intellectual uses. Members could use the group to announce events (the annual Christian Culture Lecture, talks, concerts, festivals, museum exhibits, etc.), news articles, or even book lists.

How do I join?
Begin by signing up for LinkedIn. Once you have an account, go to the HUST Student and Alumni Network page on LinkedIn: also accessible here Request to join, and you will receive an approval within 24 hours. In order to protect the privacy of our members, the group will not be public--therefore, there will be a brief delay as we "approve" your request.

We hope you decide to join our digital community. Please email us at if you have any questions.

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