Friday, March 26, 2010

Tribute to Gail Mandell

As you may know, Professor Gail Mandell is retiring after close to forty years at Saint Mary’s. As you also know, she has been a guiding spirit of Humanistic Studies since she started teaching in the program in 1978, and all of you who passed through her classroom will have fond memories of the impact she made on your education and your life.

We thought it would be a fitting tribute to her to gather reflections from those of you who had Gail in some of the hundreds of Colloquiums and other courses she taught over the years. To that end, would those so inclined send us a brief reminiscence of, anecdote about, or greeting to Gail? If you have any relevant photos these would also be appreciated. We will collect these and put them into a presentation book for her. We will also post your reflections on the Hust blog.

If you could send these to us by April 15 (, we would be grateful.

With thanks in advance,
The Hust faculty

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