Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Summer Spotlight: Molly Haigh ('11)

This summer started early for me as I finished up my semester in Rome right before Easter on March 31. I then traveled for a few weeks throughout Italy and Germany (ending by getting stuck in London for a few days because of the Icelandic Volcano) with my family before returning to South Bend to attend summer school at Saint Mary's. I wasn't able to line up an internship for the summer after trying since November and the whole time I was in Rome to get one. I ended up staying the remainder of the summer after summer school (June-August) in South Bend  trying to find a job. I worked on a large design project for Saint Mary's including both summer and fall orientation programs for both parents and students and t-shirts for each day Welcome Week move-in weekend as well as the four dorms. I also helped my triplet brother (who is a student at Notre Dame) start up his website business,, that is essentially a platform for local business owners in the South Bend community to advertise their business (specials, coupons, locations, etc) to students and their families, bringing both the campus and community life together, benefiting both parties. At the end of the summer, I also started working at the new Irish pub at Eddy St. Commons, Kildare's Irish pub. 

Now, I am trying to catch my breath and figure out how I am going to manage the semester. It's good to be back though!

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